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LodossTeam is a Russian IT outsourcing company made up of a wide variety of smart developers, designers, analysts and managers. Be it enterprise or private we attend each client with a personal touch to meet their requirements and needs. We use the latest technologies and follow the latest trends.

At the moment our team consist 25 developers with extensive experience in web and mobile development who will be able to recommend the best solutions for the futher project direction. We successfully created a lot of projects for large corporations and received euphonious feedbacks from them. We have experience in creating really large (databases more than 20.000.000 queries) and popular (Projects more that million users) projects.


Our main target is to provide our customers with creative and practical solutions for their business needs.

During the development we are using the latest tools to simplify development and communication with client. We create your project in a project management system (we prefer to use Redmine for our projects) and version control system (GIT or SVN).

Also, you always be able to watch the progress of development, we use one of the most powerful web-hosting servers that we could find (powerful cloud hosting with Linux).

We are always looking at your project as a convenient solution for your business, not just as a piece of code.